CFI Global is a specialised and experienced solutions provider and wholesale distributor, developing data capture solutions, mobile computing solutions, and software applications.

We provide turnkey solutions for industries such as warehousing, logistics, retail, healthcare, events, security and hospitality. We scope out your needs to offer options in barcoding, RFID, printing and labelling, suited to your application and budget.

Our range of hardware includes handheld scanners, mobile scanners, fixed scanners/readers, RFID readers, printers/labellers, tags, labels and ribbons. CFI Global is the Australian master distributor for DENSO WAVE, iData, and recaptureTM, and resellers for Panasonic, and SATO printers.


We are keen for your business to succeed, whether it’s an upgrade from clipboard to barcode, or to RFID. We have extensive knowledge and experience in data capture across the supply chain. We regularly attend and host events and workshops, including GS1 and major industry events in Australia. We have recently launched our own WMS software solution which opens up our hardware to being used as a standalone warehouse management system.


Through our strong network of solutions partners, CFI Global is able to select an appropriate pathway to move forward, taking on your challenge to provide a turnkey solution. We deliver unparalleled service and support, standing out as a leader amongst other data capture and mobile solutions providers. Our supporting services include consulting, staged project rollouts, kitting, bundling, repair, warranty, and technical support.


CFI Global is the go-to company for warehouse management, inventory management, asset tracking, data logging, data scanning, data verification, secure access, printing, and labelling. Our turnkey solutions have applications in many industries, such as Warehousing, Logistics, Wholesale, Distribution, Retail, Healthcare, Events, Building Security, and Hospitality.

We supply the best 1D barcode, 2D barcode, QR code, and RFID hardware and software solutions available in Australia. We work with only the highest quality brands to deliver optimum performance over the lifetime of your project cycle. We support your project with consultation services, technical support from our solutions specialists, repairs, warranty programmes, and customised labelling, tagging, barcoding, inventory and warehousing solutions.

Warehousing & Logistics
∙ Inventory Control
∙ Dispatch
∙ Receiving
∙ Stocktake
∙ Stocktaking
∙ POS Solutions
∙ Product Identification
∙ Delivery Validation
∙ Patient Monitoring
∙ Patient Verification
∙ Medical Inventory Control
Event & Security Management
∙ Ticket Scanning
∙ Entry Point Verification
∙ ID Entry
∙ Membership Validation
∙ Passport Scanning
∙ Entry Control
∙ Order Taking
∙ Inventory Control
∙ Guest Registration
∙ Quality Control
Equipment / Assets
∙ Location Tracking
∙ Maintenance Schedule Data
∙ RFID Tagging


Upgrade to barcode solutions or take advantage of the most advanced RFID technology to improve your operational processes. Increase efficiency and accuracy of inventory data, whilst also reducing labour time and costs. With our extensive product and industry knowledge, CFI Global offers a range of options that take your operational goals, requirements and conditions into consideration.

Our range includes handheld scanners, mobile scanners, fixed scanners, RFID readers, data loggers, printers, and consumables. We provide customised, kitted and bundled solutions that can be tailored to rollout at every stage of your project life cycle.

Handheld Scanners
∙ Inventory Control
∙ Stocktaking
∙ Asset Tracking Solutions
∙ Point of Sale
∙ Receiving
∙ Dispatch
Mobile Scanning Devices
∙ Mobile Field Service
∙ Batch Data Collection
∙ Delivery Solutions
∙ Temperature Monitoring
∙ Asset Tracking Systems
Fixed Scanners
∙ Event Control
∙ Ticketing
∙ Security Entry
∙ Parking Validation
∙ Gift Redemption
∙ Identification Solutions
RFID Technology
∙ RFID Readers/Scanners
∙ RFID Printers
∙ RFID Tags & Labels
∙ RFID Inventory Management
∙ RFID Stocktaking Solutions
Temperature & Humidity Monitoring
∙ Monitor medical, pharmaceutical, food, beverages & other articles in transit or storage
∙ Optimise stock rotations
∙ Access real-time data on your mobile device, laptop or PC
Printing & Labelling
∙ Printers
∙ Labelling machines
∙ Mobile Printing
∙ Barcoding
∙ Custom Design Labels
∙ RFID Tags
∙ RFID Labels


recapture software logo

CFI Global have released recaptureTM, a revolutionary software solution for the data capture industry. We pre-install recaptureTM on our hardware, allowing our handheld and mobile barcode scanners (RFID option available) to be used as standalone warehouse management systems out of the box.

Without recaptureTM, your only option is to install costly software on a server that ‘talks’ to your handheld scanner. With recaptureTM, you have full WMS (Warehouse Management System) functions at your fingertips – no need to wait for a server-based application to configure what functions it will perform. Easily manage stocktaking, picking, receiving, dispatching, and transfers.

We believe recaptureTM software offers a much-needed inventory solution to warehousing operations for all industries.

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