Denso Wave

Who is Denso Wave?

Denso Wave is a Global Data Capture Company that has invested in world-changing technologies and innovations, such as its invention, the QR Code. We are proud to be Master Distributor for one of the largest and most respected in the industry in Denso Wave.

Origins and Evolution of Denso Wave's Innovations

Denso Wave has developed the world’s first mobile terminal & CCD scanner, invented the QR Code®, and researched and developed other new codes to quickly provide technologies for RFID and IC cards, including RFID, IC and OCR technologies.

In 1987, when the use of barcodes began to be promoted on a larger scale, Denso Wave developed the BHT-1 – the world’s first handheld terminal to help customers increase their operational efficiency in a whole new way.

Denso Wave has recently unveiled the BHT-1700/1800 series – a new generation of handheld terminals equipped with high scalability provided by Android™, 4G LTE, GPS, cloud collaboration and other technologies. Users can visualise the operational status for real-time information sharing.

Denso Wave Offers Best in Class Technology

Denso Wave has a reputation for Japanese innovation and quality. Denso Wave hardware has robust and powerful core technology, offering the most reliable and durable solutions known to the industry.

Products go through vigorous testing to ensure they withstand their intended application. Testing can include drop impact test, tumble impact test, thermal shock test, and Iron Ball drop test.

Denso Wave finds solutions to real issues in many industries, improving productivity by helping to eliminate data errors and scanning issues, and reduce soft tissue injuries from product use.

The Denso Wave name is a mark of superior quality, considered design, and innovative engineering.