Who is iData?

iData is a relatively young but growing data capture manufacturer, with many major international companies already using their products. Since commencing manufacturing in 2010, iData has strengthened its offering to international markets, and now supplies products under its own name. CFI Global has jumped at the chance to become Master Distributor for iData, as they provide solutions that have not been available in Australia until now.

iData Products Provide Solutions for a wide range of Australian Industries

iData specialises in rugged mobile computers that utilise automatic identification and wireless communication technologies, as well as world-class industrial design and manufacturing capability. They are committed to research, design and manufacturing of high performance and highly reliable industrial mobile computers.

iData products can be integrated into data capture solutions in many industries, including Retail, Warehouse, Logistics, and Healthcare. Their mobile computers are offered with Android OS or Windows Mobile OS, and feature IP 65, compact, modern design, and advanced configurations.

As part of iData’s enterprise mobile device management, they offer core functions, client apps, device management, online FOTA upgrade, user management, policy management, push management, statistical analysis, application lifecycle management, application security management, app store management, and a security container with software and hardware isolation technology.

iData Keeps Pace with Latest Technology

iData is a young and energetic company, capable of disrupting the data capture industry, with many proven solutions in use by some of the world’s leading manufacturers and retailers. It was first to market with Android mobile data capture devices in 2012, and hasn’t looked back since.

In addition, iData offers an outstanding warranty and support system. CFI Global also works with Solutions Partners and our internal Technical Support to provide support for iData customers in Australia.

With the iData brand, you are aligning with a company that is forward-thinking and one of the fastest growing.

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