Who is Verigo?

Verigo is one of the newest start-up brands in data logging solutions. They are on a mission to build tools to improve efficiency, reduce losses of perishable products, maximise their final quality, and improve the quality and safety of products. Their solutions align with CFI Global’s strategy to provide comprehensive supply chain data collection solutions.

Full Stack Data Logging Solutions for Monitoring Temperature, Humidity and Quality of Products/Produce

Verigo offers a full stack hardware and software platform – the tools you need for monitoring environmental and quality factors, such as temperature and relative humidity.

Verigo pod (hardware) design is a blend of proprietary research technology and custom engineering, initiated from the University of Florida’s Innovation Hub. Their hardware is very simple to set up and use, and provides real-time, accurate data on any product requiring temperature, humidity or even location tracking, via it’s cloud software infrastructure.

Verigo’s iOT technology can record not only temperature and humidity, but also location and user ID information. All data collected is securely stored in Verigo’s cloud.

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