RFID Products


Due to recent expansion of our product range, CFI Global now offers a number of barcode scanners with RFID reading capability. In addition to the options below, we have similar devices available that we would consider when advising you on a suitable options. RFID makes stocktake very straightforward and eliminates human errors.

RFID Technology is one of the most efficient ways to manage inventory compared to scanning barcodes. Reading RFID tags is most efficient when performing an inventory count, especially as this process normally takes hours to complete using barcodes. RFID technology can reduce hourly tasks to minutes and this is achieved by scanning multiple items at once from a distance up to eight metres. The RFID technology allows operators to walk through warehouses, stores or DC’s (Distribution Centres) and collect product information

With a sweeping action of the arm, an operator can scan multiple items at once at a scanning distance of up to eight metres. You can imagine how much quicker it is compared to scanning each individual barcode, which also allows for possibly missed items. Inventory accuracy becomes less dependent on the diligence of the operator, as the RFID reader picks up all items within range.


Table Scanner
UR20 RFID Fixed Table Scanner

Ultra-thin stationary scanner

The DENSO UR-20 Fixed RFID Reader is designed for short distance RFID reading applications. These ultra-thin Fixed RFID tag readers can be installed in a table, counter or conveyor, and hardwired to a power supply and IT network, for repeated scanning performance and real-time connectivity. A fixed RFID reader like the UR-20 is a very efficient and convenient RFID tag reader when installed at fixed locations.

UR40 RFID Fixed Scanner

Robust and Powerful

The DENSO UR40 Fixed RFID Scanner is a robust and powerful solution for industrial use. It features a heavy-duty external shielding for its versatile long-range antenna configuration which can be customised for advanced uses in warehouses or distribution centres.

SP1 Handheld RFID Reader

Quick and powerful

The DENSO SP1 boasts world-leading scanning performance. It can read tags at a rate of up to 700 tags per second, from a distance of up to 8 metres. This means it would practically cover most warehouse barcode/RFID tag reading applications, even with products located on high pallet racks. Rather than a screen, this RFID reader connects via Bluetooth to other devices. Like the BHT-1281, the SP1 can also read 1D and 2D codes, making it an all-in-one solution.

BHT-1281-RFID Handheld Terminal

High-output model

Ideal for most barcode scanning and RFID reading applications, the DENSO BHT-1281 is one of our biggest sellers. It features impressive scanning speeds (due to DENSO’s superior scan engine), can scan up to 5 metres distance (adequate for most uses inside a warehouse with pallet racks or in store). There are two batteries that serve to increase performance and battery life. Out of all our RFID readers, this is the only model currently able to have our WMS software (recaptureTM) pre-installed.


50UHF Handheld RFID Reader

Powerful with detachable scanner


iData’s high performance 50UHF RFID reader/writer can scan up to 10 metres distance. With this much power, batteries tend to last only a few hours. However, iData has thoughtfully incorporated a dual battery system that considerably increases operating time.

95UHF Handheld RFID Reader

Light, compact, value for money


For its size and weight, the iData 95UHF RFID reader certainly packs in a lot of features. Its design is different to most other RFID reader/writers, in that it has a small RFID module attached at the top and doesn’t have a bulky handle (often used to accomodate a battery). In addition to the RFID module, it features an Infrared module, GPS, and wireless voice communications.