Temperature & Humidity Monitors

CFI Global regrets to advise that Verigo data logging products are no longer in production.

Data Logging


Monitor the temperature, humidity and quality of goods in transit, in a holding bay or within a space. CFI Global supplies Verigo pods that suit various applications. Multiple use pods can be reset and reused. Single use pods are a cost effective way to track temperature. Data can be viewed via a PC, mobile phone or any device that can open a browser or install the Verigo app.

PB3 – Temperature Monitor Pod
  • Long lasting reusable BLE Pod
  • Records up to 40,000 data points with high accuracy
PA3 – Humidity Monitor Pod
  • Records temperature and relative humidity
  • Tailored for humidity sensitive shipments
PE1 – Temperature Probe Pod
  • Able to record and wirelessly transmit temperature data at temperatures as low as -80°C
  • Provides excursion alerts to smartphones and tablets
PD1 – One-90 Single-use Temperature Monitor Pod
  • Disposable single-use Pod
  • Tailored to single trip data collection
  • Inexpensive Pod with battery life of 90 days
PG1 – Cryo Monitor Probe Pod
  • Reusable Temperature Data Logger With Probe
  • Cryogenic probe for low temperature applications
PH0 – Quality Monitor Pod
  • Provides actionable information
  • Minimises losses in the supply chain
  • Maximises final quality of the product