Stocktake solutions that offer customisation to suit your operational requirements

Performing a stocktake is time consuming and costly. Collecting inventory information is critical. Some businesses can only afford to stocktake once per year, because of the effort and time your customer service and retail staff have to put into the stocktaking process. Fortunately, CFI Global has a number of stocktake solutions that can be easily adapted to suit your needs. These include barcode scanners and RFID readers. We also offer a retail Stocktake Kit (see below).

Using a barcode scanner to manage stocktake allows more frequent inventory counts and reduces any variances in the inventory. This is the most common scenario in Australian retail businesses. Some businesses even post about their stocktake pain on social media, or advise customers that their store will be closed for stocktake. While barcode solutions are the most common and affordable options for most retailers, we highly recommend considering RFID technology.

Due to recent expansion of our product range, CFI Global now offers a number of barcode scanners with RFID reading capability. In addition to the options below, we have similar devices available that we would consider when advising you on a suitable options. RFID makes stocktake very straightforward and eliminates human errors.

With a sweeping action of the arm, an operator can scan multiple items at once at a scanning distance of up to five metres. You can imagine how much quicker it is compared to scanning each individual barcode, which also allows for possibly missed items. Inventory accuracy becomes less dependent on the diligence of the operator, as the RFID reader picks up all items within range. Ask us how our RFID stocktake solutions may help solve inventory management challenges of your retail business.

Stocktake Kits for Retail Inventory Management

CFI Global offers a lightweight, reliable Stocktake Kit (stocktake scanner and accessories) for retail barcode scanning. It’s a great little kit for Stocktaking this EOFY or anytime you need to manage inventory. DENSO WAVE barcode scanners have the most powerful scanning engine in the world, and their products are designed for each application and industry. In this kit you will find the following contents suited for Retail Inventory Management and Stocktaking:

1x DENSO BHT-1500 Mobile Stocktake Barcode Scanner

1x USB Connector

Easy Pack Stocktake Software

Barcode Scanner Kit for Retail Stocktake


  • DENSO_ADC_BHT-1500




This model is ready to perform out of the box with simple features allowing the operator to perform a stocktake. Extra options can be added to record Staff ID, Store department and bin locations if required.

Simple 4 step operation:
  • Scan product barcode
  • Enter quantity
  • Connect to PC
  • Download file
  • BHT-1300




The BHT-1300 model has a larger screen compared to the BHT-1500 and comes with more connectivity options (USB, WIFI, Bluetooth). This model can be fully programmed to communicate and sync with most back end software and can also run in batch mode when offline. The charging cradle provides easy docking connectivity  and charging when not in use.

Operating Time

Allowing a 28-hour consecutive operation, the longest in its class. Long online operation time is available because of the proprietary power saving design. This feature provides round the clock operating time and is robust and durable for tough working environments.


  • BHT-1281


    BHT-1281 RFID Features



Ideal for most barcode scanning and RFID reading applications, the DENSO BHT-1281 is one of our biggest sellers. It features impressive scanning speeds (due to DENSO’s superior scan engine), can scan up to 5 metres distance (adequate for most uses inside a warehouse with pallet racks or in store). There are two batteries that serve to increase performance and battery life. Out of all our RFID readers, this is the only model currently able to have our WMS software (recaptureTM) pre-installed.

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    • 700 RFID tags per second
    • Store up to 80,000 RFID tags in memory
    • 1W High Output
    • Up to 8 metres scanning distance
    • IP54
    • Easy Bluetooth connection to smart devices



The DENSO SP1 boasts world-leading scanning performance. It can read tags at a rate of up to 700 tags per second, from a distance of up to 8 metres. This means it would practically cover most warehouse barcode/RFID tag reading applications, even with products located on high pallet racks. Rather than a screen, this RFID reader connects via Bluetooth to other devices. Like the BHT-1281, the SP1 can also read 1D and 2D codes, making it an all-in-one solution.

  • Screenless Compact mobile RFID reader


    • Weighs just 115g
    • Long operating time
    • Easy Bluetooth connection to smart devices



The DENSO SE1-BUB-C pocket-sized RFID tag reader/writer is a versatile device for short range applications, even from as short as 30mm distance. It is a low power model, with an operating time of up to 12 hours. It can also read 1D barcodes. Like the SP1, it connects to other devices via Bluetooth. Options include a silicone sleeve that provides extra protection, and a neck or wrist strap for portability.