Mobile RFID Solutions

SP1 with BHT-1800 – A Powerful Mobile RFID Solution

DENSO WAVE’s SP1 pairs wonderfully with their BHT-1800 mobile scanner, to combine the best of these exceptionally powerful devices into an RFID solution to complement or replace your barcode system.

The SP1’s reading capability of 700 RFID tags per second from a distance of up to 13 metres is a great match with the BHT-1800 mobile terminal device, connected via Bluetooth. With IP54 and an optional high-capacity battery (operating time approximately 8 hours compared to standard 4 hours), the SP1 has use in a variety of applications. The BHT-1800 is one of DENSO WAVE’s newest mobile 1D & 2D scanners, featuring human-centred design characteristics such as optimised scan angle, one-handed operation, glove-touch, lightweight and screen performance. Pairing the two means you can take advantage of RFID reader in the SP1 whilst also having the display and processing power of the BHT-1800.

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